Expotechnik China (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
place & time./
architect@work Shanghai . China 2013
exhibition stand 4,5 sqm (!)
the big question./
how to make 4,5 sqm interesting?
what I did./
concept . design

some facts./
In summary the conceptual approach will not  primarily exhibit the product itself instead carve out all product and brand values in a sensitive and abstract display format. Open a dialogue, raise questions, review  past  experiences and cause confusion are  the  main  stylistic  devices to capture the product  performance and memorize the brand.

idea 01./
‘Media-Art-Installation’ or: Memorize the brand
Contains the classic tools of an audio-visual art installation. A nonbearing window frame with black glass filling shows video and projection contents combined with audio applications. The video content will be played behind the logo outline to memorize the brand name.
idea 02./
‘Architecture days aren’t the fashion week’ or: Visualize the product values
Shows stage models to accent the product values. The set up plays with an abstract exposure by using Forster profiles combined with fashion accessories. Each set up display creates an interaction with the related key feature: Exclusive appearance, energy balance, protective.
idea 03./
‘Inside = Outside’ or: Remove the boundaries of profile system solutions
Illustrates a 3D stage design to link the inside environment with the nature elements by using a birch tree wall paper, birch trees and camouflaged profiles. The keynote will be: With elegant and slim Forster profiles the boundaries between architecture and urban space will be dissolved.
idea 04./
‘Focus on the essential’ or: Expose the product advantages
A black box invites architects to explore the Forster profile advantages. Fully covered with black glass and peepholes to discover the inside photographs and core issues. Nudes perform the Forster key features through their body language.