In the style of Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright:
‘A good project must rely on experience, on precise and logic thinking, and on exactness.
At the end it is hard work. No magic will do.‘

Hello and welcome to the digital portfolio of Berlin & Shanghai based architect and interior designer Juergen Blattert. Since the summer of 2014 I am working as a freelancer in the field of exhibition and interior design and all that goes with it, for clients like Denza, Compass and Coyote Software (China); Duravit, Piller, BWF, Doerken and Jungheinrich (Germany); Maag and AFG (Switzerland).

I am always welcoming inspiring projects. To develop new ideas. To share my expert knowledge. And to learn from the experiences of others. So let me invite you to meet my work, and me.

In my earlier career, I worked over 15 years for the international operating agency Expotechnik. During this time I was responsible for international key accounts as Lufthansa German Airlines, Schwan Stabilo, Samsung, MINI, Volvo CE, Roche Diagnostics, ZF Friedrichshafen and Engel. With this expertise, operational readiness and my personal ambition to exceed my customers expectations, I am realizing inspiring projects. Reliance and reliability are the bases while managing a complex task within a tense time schedule. Reacting fast and flexible by developing result-oriented solutions is essential. The task is to create individual construction parts and details which are both, functional and aesthetic.

Working in China includes a lot of challenges – no question at all. But beyond workday life, my previous projects here created cooperations and later friendships between people and cultures – an unexpected benefit which encourages me everyday accepting new challenges and striking a new path. Teamwork is a great chance to learn about different thoughts and approaches. The open dialog with colleagues and customers is a source of constructive exchange and critisism, helping to recognize the interests and needs of your counterpart. Who is making the best point? That one will influence the common course of action. Often we are working in a group of beginners and specialists of many different divisions. Every participant has to find his place and task in the overall master plan: A construction with knowledge, and a design with heart in it.

Diplom-Ingenieur (Faculty of architecture)
born 21. Juli 1963 in Backnang . Germany

since May 2014
Design, technical planning, projectmanagement and creative concepts for international brands as Bosch, Denza, Piller, Luerssen, AFG, Maag, Johnson Controls and Jungheinrich

Oct 2010 – Apr 2014
Expotechnik China (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Projectmanagement, design implementation and creative concepts for international brands as Volvo CE, Engel, Luerssen, Mori Seiki, Johnson Controls, Georg Fischer, Telefunken, AFG, SMA, Draeger, Deutz and various Chinese customers

Jul 1999 – Sep 2010
Expotechnik Heinz Soschinski GmbH, Taunusstein . Germany
Projectmanagement and design implementation for international brands as Lufthansa, Samsung, Schwan Stabilo, Volvo CE, MINI and German Pavillon Expo 2010