A walk through the streets of Shanghai.
A bold escape from the ordinary.
A raw journey for all senses.
Leaving a bookmark in my memory,

a link in my soul, a splint in my heart.
One day, looking back, I am not gonna

believe it: This city was my home!

KALEI . The story
Taking a look through a kaleidoscope offers a different way to see the world.
To observe beautiful forms, which are real and unreal at the same time.
To get lost in the infinity of colours, patterns and the stories behind.
To win a new point of view, a fresh insight, a childlike joy.
In Chinese language, the word kaleidoscope literally means:
Tube of ten thousand blossoms.
KALEI is a mosaic of close-ups, captured in the streets of Shanghai.
Transformed into metaphoric blossoms, with colorful petals.
Transporting the mood of the city and telling it’s story without words.
The work is recording the fleeting beauty of a metropole that is changing
almost at the speed of light.

SHANGHAI . The theme
A metropole with 28 million residents from all over the world offers countless facettes. The district of the
Former French Concession is nowadays considered as the most vibrant and originally heart of town.
Here everyone and everything has to face it’s opposite. Rich and poor. Young and old. Traditional and modern.
A life in a neighborhood like this changes the personal point of view constantly.
New perspectives appear, they stay for a while, to be soon taken over by a new experience.